I like to say that as a Doula I am a pedestal upon which you can reveal the birthing goddess within you.

Your body was created for this. The child within you was created for you and I strive through all of my interactions with my clients to empower them as they enter into this journey called parenthood. It doesn't begin when you first meet your child.
Rather it begins when you know you have a little one on the way. The decisions you make from your care provider to birth location and everything in between are your first parenting decisions and it is my goal to help you feel confident in them.

It has been found in multiple studies that the determining factor in whether a mom felt satisfied with her birth or not, was not necessarily in whether there was a variation in her birth plan or even in the type of birth she had (c section, home birth etc) but in how she was made to feel during her birthing experience.

That is where I come in.  

Doula Care

So what is a Doula anyway? 

Dona defines a Doula as a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

When I become your Doula it is my mission to empower you. To help you feel prepared, validated and the captain of your own birth.

I am your cheerleader and a listening ear. I do not impose my opinion on you or tell you what you should do. Rather, I am a sounding board, support system and spring board to empower you to find evidence based information and enter into your birth and parenthood prepared confident and ready.

I will be available to you to answer any questions, discuss any concerns or just listen via phone, chat and text from when you hire me till weeks after your birth. If I don't have the information you need I will help you find it.

Once labor arrives I speak with you and help you determine if it is time or not.  I will come alongside you when you need me and stay by your side providing emotional, verbal and physical support.

We will meet ahead of time and discuss comfort measures, birth affirmations and the type of support you desire. I tailor my support methods to your personality, beliefs and desires, taking great care to be mindful and sensitive to your specific needs.

What does physical support look like? 
Massage, stretches, cold and hot compresses, counter pressure, heating pad, position suggestions, Robozo technique, physical support while you move, being a runner to grab anything you might need from ice chips to moving a pillow in place or bringing you a meal.

I am there for YOU to support you however you need and help your partner by suggesting ways they can support you too. 


If you have any questions regarding Doula care or you are interested in meeting with me to discuss becoming your Doula contact me here.
I would love to chat.

Doula Care Investment

~Unlimited support via phone, email and text from the time of hiring me through up to 6 weeks after birth. 
~Two prenatal 2 hour appointments in your home 
~On call from 36 weeks until the birth of the baby.
~Support for any type of birth in any setting you choose.
~Arrival at your home and support from when you call me through up to two hours after birth to help establish nursing and support you in the first few hours together. 
~One home visit within the first week.