Lucian's Birth Story

It was January 24th, 2017 and my parents had flown in from Colorado to be here when Lucian arrived. I was scheduled for induction to begin on the evening of January 25th. My parents did all but kick us out the door saying "this will be your last night without a kid". As we walked into the theater to see LaLa Land, Ian remarked that he hoped Lucian would let us enjoy this movie together before he came. As we sat there in the theater, I grew more and more uncomfortable and became nervous and almost asked to go home. But then figured that I was getting induced the next day so no worries.

We drove back to the house and we visited with my parents for a while. I realized I didn't have a physical copy of my birth plan so I started typing it up. I planned to print it out the next day before leaving for the hospital. At about midnight we decided we should get to bed since the next day was going to be the beginning of a new adventure.

As we laid in bed, I had asked for some adult playtime and the hubby was too exhausted so we agreed on fun in the am. I apparently couldn't wait so I grabbed my best battery operated friend and had a lovely time.

About thirty minutes later I had an intense cramp and suddenly felt I had wet the bed. I hopped up so fast that Ian remarked I hadn't moved that fast since getting pregant. I waddled my pregnant booty to the bathroom and I would not stop gushing. My high anxiety self would not stop freaking out. Ian came to the bathroom and asked if I was ok and I whimpered "i don't know". I explained what was happening and he said he thought my water broke. Enter near-hyper-ventilating and sobbing Alicia. I then waddled to the bedroom door and called out "mommy!!". She came from the guest room and I explained what happened and she said that was my water breaking. She said we could.go to the hospital or stay but to call our souls Kristyn and asked since that's what she was for. By this time, Ian was packing his bag since he had planned on packing it before leaving for the hospital the next day.

At this point, Ian is fully dressed and I'm standing in the bathroom sobbing with my knees shaking and holding onto Ian for dear life. We called Kristyn and she said we can head in or stay home but it was up to us (one thing I absolutely love about Kristyn is that she supports your decision and doesn't force her opinion on you). She suggested that I eat if I can and take a shower and try to rest. I looked at Ian and asked what do we do? Being the one in labor, my mind was so frazzled I couldn't think straight so I left the decision up to him. He said "we're going in". I'm not sure if he was scared or excited when he decided but he did his daddy duty and began timing contractions. I hopped in the shower and would moan and remark at each one. I also amazingly shaved my legs!!!

We he'll out the door that we are heading to the hospital and mom says ok with the assumption that they will come see us later. As we are finishing packing bags, mom comes crying and says they want to go with. Note: my parents live in a small town and hate driving in the city and had no clue how to get where we were going so that may have played into it.

We all get in the car and begin the drive. My contractions are about 9 minutes apart at this point, which is a bit far to be worried about getting there. Ian asks if I want food and I go back and forth, then decide no as things are beginning to get much more painful. Ian, of course, is loving getting to use his supercharger Range Rover and we get there in record time.

Ian parks and we begin walking towards the doors. All the while I'm gushing amniotic fluid and cramping. We get registered and I take my first ever ride in a wheelchair up to the emergency delivery wing. Ian has called Kristyn and let her know we went in. At this point it was the wee hours of the morning and she packed up all her stuff and was an route to join us.

While Ian and I were in the room being admitted, we heard this lady screaming a few doors down. Like...freaking me out and raising blood pressure. After a few minutes, I told Ian to turn on my playlist in hopes that it would distract me.

At this point I had my iv line in, blood drawn, gown on, and was now laying on my first of a few uncomfortable hospital beds I would experience over the next few days.

We were soon rolled to a delivery room and my er nurse began hooking up monitors and getting me settled. She had been ordered to give me pitocin but was trying to put off starting it as long as possible. My friend Michelle had joined us at this point and brought a heating pad and tens unit since they helped her through labor nineish months earlier. Just a few minutes later Kristyn arrived. These women were welcome faces since this was my first time admitted to a hospital and a major turning point in my life.

Kristyn was also my photographer, and once she had checked on me she began taking photos of monitors and white boards and such.

The next thirteen hours were a painful blur. As each contraction came I would listen to Kristyn coach me to ride it like a wave. Yes it was painful, but it would ride then end. There was always an end. She massaged my back and would squeeze my hips to help ease pain. She encouraged my husband to be there for me and how to help me deal with the pain. At this vulnerable point, bare booty and floppy, un-holstered boobs, she only saw the beauty of the team that my husband and I are and the miracle little boy about to enter our lives.

In between contractions, she took pictures of all that was happening. From my parents napping, my mom holding my hand, my husband climbing into bed with me, to Michelle massaging my feet and legs.

The next 12 hours were a blur. Somewhere in there I was coloring, cracking jokes, wearing barf bags on my head, complaining about heat while everyone else was freezing, the peanut pillow, the birthing ball, the beginning of pitocin, the swapping of nurses (my delivery nurse ended up being a church friend and I could not have been happier), getting an epidural, asking Kristyn repeatedly why she did this more than once, and I'm sure many things I've forgotten with the arrival of mommy brain.

As labor progressed and pressure began building in my pelvis she began encouraging even more. She recited my affirmations I had given to her. She was there when I needed her but also allowed plenty of space for my husband and mom to be with me. The doctor was preparing for baby and was about to give me an episiotomy and Kristyn touched Ian's arm and reminded him of my plan, which then allowed Ian to be my voice and tell the doctor no.

When the pushing started and Etta James At Last was playing, she was there with me. Calming me and cheering me on as my boy moved further down the birth canal. She even went and changed the song so my boy came into the world with the right tunes. For the life of me I can't remember what it was as all I was doing was passing out with every other push.

Finally my beautiful boy arrived and I demanded my glasses so I could see his precious face for the first time. As he was placed on my chest he reached up for my face. By far one of the best moments of my life. And Kristyn got it on film. I will forever be grateful that that moment is saved. Lil man was moved to get all his vitals done and that what was when his daddy got to get close to him. My husband just stared at him in amazement and Kristyn captured that as well. She got pictures of his incredibly expressive face upon entering the world and it's amazing to look back at them and laugh at all the craziness that ensued.

There are many more details to that day I know I haven't included and probably forgotten, but I will leave those for Ian to recount when he tells our friends and family about his son's arrival.

Kristyn was there as I tried nursing my son and offered help with whatever I needed. She was so supportive of all my decisions. Never once did she make me feel guilty for anything I did...whether it was part of my plan or not. She let me do me.

After we had been home for about a week she paid us a visit. We discussed nursing, emotions, sleep, and life. Then she proceeded to photograph my new little bean of a son and document the beginning of his tiny life.

I feel like my experience was special because Kristyn loves me like a sister and I've known her for years. She's witnessed the entirety of my marriage and has always cheered us on. She was one of the first people to know I was pregnant. She was in it from the beginning.

But you know what, even if she's never met you, she'll make you feel like family. Her passion is you, your family, and your new arrival. Her goal is happy moms - however that happens. She makes everyone feel seen, heard, and genuinely loved. She's a mom and knows the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with all that goes on during pregnancy and birth. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything and Kristyn was a major factor in allowing me to enjoy my journey.  

Alicia's birth story from her perspective

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